August 26, 2013

2. Hey Hey Miss DJ

If you know me then you know I LOVE music.  Give me a sick beat and dope lyrics, I transcend into another world.  Catharsis. Music is free therapy.

So why not delve deeper into it?  Why not share my love for music with others?  Although I hate being even remotely near the center of attention, I've decided to step forward. I'm learning to dj.  I want to help people experience music the way I do.  I want to make people get hype.  I want to help inspire them to let loose and just feel the rhythm and dance. It will take some serious time and dedication but Wednesday, August 21st, I feel in love with music on a whole new level.


I can't check this off the bucket list yet, because it will be a process. So stay tuned.  

*props to my baby bro, Kemet aka The Phantom* for letting me shadow him on his dj gigs to learn the ropes! 

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