September 8, 2013

5. Vincent Van Hoe

I love art.  I freaking HATE painting.  Between mixing paints, blending colors and just overall the act of thanks. Or more honestly, I suck at it. No one likes doing things they are bad at.  Let's be honest, if you could do something you are awesome at, or sit and take the time to do something you struggle with only to come out with something that looks like crap, which would you choose?

But here you have it.  A bucket list which includes one of my least favorite acts: painting.

Shit may suck BUT either way, checked off my bucket list. 

September 4, 2013

4. Rip What?

Every time I say the name, people get confused.  But first, let me start by saying that anyone who really knows me, knows that I am the most coordination challenged individual on the Earth.  Some people trip over things, while I trip over the air.  It's with that knowledge that my family thinks I am crazy for even daring to try such a thing.

It's called a Ripstik.  I was first introduced to it by two cool ladies and I had no interest in trying it.  Until now.  For anyone unfamiliar, imagine a skateboard on crack. But alas, I have mastered this shit.

Ripstik officially checked off the bucket list!